Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Synth Dealers

Right now, some synth dealer is selling an Ody on eBay, claiming he's the only owner.
Meanwhile, in reality, he's the 3rd owner, and he's had the Ody less than 6 months!

I can't stand synth dealers, 'cause they jack up the prices, over-use words like "mint", and act like Little Bo Peep when they're called on their shit. Anyone who tries to stand up to them gets even more shit.

Yeah, I know, I'm rambling, but the pic of a Mini I was going to post has no story, 'cause all I remember about it is that I sold it on ebay around Halloween of '06 and offered a warranty. Oh, and an asshole former client offered me $1200 to buy it outside of ebay. Like I'm going to sell a synth to an asshole whose wife interrupted me giving a blowjob 'cause she showed up 18 hours early for a pickup appointment?

...like anyone reads this anyway!


frankg7170 said...

I read everything compulsive i guess. i have an old univox maxi-korg i need keys for any help would be appreciated, and i will try not to show up early,( no promises but i'll try.)lol hope to hear from you soon thank you frank

Mrs. Synthfool said...

Hmmm... not sure if I have keys for one of those.
I don't do synth repair--you'll have to email my husband for that sort of thing.

Thanks for replying! :)