Friday, October 19, 2007

Arp 2600, very custom

This is a custom Arp 2600 that has all sorts of happy shit in it. I don't know what all of this means, quite honestly, but I'm sure y'all do. :)

This 2600 has had the following mods or additions:

  • Internal (modified Paia) Midi converter with eight cv's and eight gates

  • Adjustable threshold Comparator provides a gate output for the envelope follower.

  • Envelope follower Decoupling switch. Provides DC capability.

  • CMS Blue Meanie Filter. A great Moog -24/db ladder filter clone

  • John Blacet Divider module. Divides pulses and audio.

  • Key CV attenuator to VCF and expanded Envelope times (Half / Normal /x5)

  • Envelope generator LEDs that grow and dim in brightness to their outputs.

  • AR only gate input jack (not shown)

  • Electronic switch Gate input jack and clock rate LED

  • Reverb Bypass switch and 1/4" output jacks

  • Three spring reverb tank

  • Improved reverb circuitry

  • Better power supply

  • All black Arp Odyssey slider caps

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