Thursday, October 25, 2007

A written post

No pic today. I spent most of today with a migraine. I get those a lot. :(

I heard an Octave Cat being worked on today. Those things are pretty fucking cool, especially in the hands of someone who had one back when he was a teenager and I was a toddler. ;-) I hear synth sounds a whole lot 'round these parts, obviously. I'll admit it took a couple years before I could tell if one was in tune or not. ;-)

BTW, I find synths like Minis and Cats and Odys very cool, but a little intimidating, 'cause I'm not a keyboard player. I can get sounds out of the Arp 2600 without using the keyboard, which is why it is truly my favorite non-modular synth. I also dig sequencers. I've played with many--960, Sys 700, 100m, Emu, 2500, Buchla, Oberheim "SEM type"... and they're all amazing in their own ways. My fave? I wanna say Buchla 'cause I'm one of those "OMG BUCHLA!!!" people. It's been years since I've seen one, though. I could say Sys 700, but that's only because I might be able to spend some time with one this winter. :) Oh yeah, I also dig noise sources, and my husband will vouch for me on that one. ;-) The worst noise source ever is the Donimoog's S/H. (Yes, I know the S/H is not supposed to sound like a noise source, but apparently Mr. M didn't.)

Enough rambling. Sleep awaits.

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