Monday, April 28, 2008

My First System 100m, part two

Ok... thanks to synthparts for the correct guess on the SH-5 pic. I didn't think of any prize for this one... so you'll get my sincere thanks for now.

So... here's the second pic:

This synth (I swear it's there underneath all that Photoshop work!) was originally owned by Jeff Rona, and purchased back when he worked at Roland. It entered our place, and was quickly snapped up by Chris Y. As a finder's fee, we got a Minimoog in desperate need of restoration. That Mini was another first for me--the first one I saw fully restored AND the first time I was handed a screwdriver and told to carefully take the plastic key tops off of the keyboard action.

After it was done, the Mini was then sold to Brian Kehew. He replaced the mod section with a ribbon controller one, and took it with him to NAMM when he was there with Big Briar. :)

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