Saturday, April 12, 2008

Welcome, AH-ers!

I was at the Ren Faire when I found out via text message that my blog was mentioned on AH. I had a minor squee, but most of my day was spent wearing a couple pounds of clothing on a really hot day working at a friend's cart selling fibre arts type stuff. :)

I don't update this site nearly as often as other synth blogs, but I'm of the "quality, not quantity" school of thought for a blog like this. I suppose that stems from my exposure to a lot of rare synths over the years. I mean, right off the bat I saw modulars from Moog, Buchla, and Roland! :)

I'm not modding comments for the time being. All I ask is that you be nice and remember I'm not a synth expert. Though if you ask about rebushing keyboards, I might have a few things to say. ;-)

...and FWIW--
My favorite synth is the Arp 2600.
My favorite modular is the Buchla 200.
My favorite modular sequencer is the Moog 960.
My favorite monosynth is the Minimoog.


rick said...


I came across your blog and posted the link to AH.. I found the lack of ebay spam and original content refreshing. do you take submissions for posts?

rick said...


My favorite synth is the Music Easel.
My favorite modular is the Buchla 200/300.
My favorite modular sequencer is the Buchla 248-3206 MARF.
My favorite monosynth is the Steiner Synthacon.

Mrs. Synthfool said...

Thanks, Rick!

As for accepting submissions for posts, I'll consider it on a case by case basis. I might have to change the description of my blog, but I'm not going to turn into that guy who named himself after an Oberheim synth! ;)

rick said...


whats yoru fav polysynth by the way?

I would have to say mine is the Rev2 prophet 5..

tho I love the CS80 and quadra as well.