Thursday, May 15, 2008

The family that patches together, part 3

The spousal unit and I played around a bit more with the System 700, but this time with two new additions--the sequencer and my bass guitar. Well, at separate times. Haven't played around with the bass in many moons, so it was nice to know I still remembered a couple things I learned. :-)

Earlier today, I ring modulated 2 VCO's controlled by two LFO's just because I'm a)twisted and b)not a synthesist. ;-)

I don't get to play around with a System 700 all that often... works out to every couple of years. I kinda have to re-learn how they work each time. This time, knowing it's kind of like messing about with a 2600 has helped.

.... and now, be it ever so housewife, it's time to clean the kitchen before I call it a night.

edited on 17 may

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