Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cats & Synths

This is Squidlo. He's 12 and has been a Synth Cat all his life. :)

Somewhere I have a pic of this same cat on top of a System 700 back when he was a
kitten. I'll dig it up and post it.


space_nerd said...

nice photo!
my cats hadn't been synthcats since their birth 'cause they are mainly adopted, but they have a modular synth to make company:)
(that's the boehm soundlab and tabsou and aias -both sadly r.i.p.- from your old site.)
the new girl on the block, Drouli, she seems to like her new friend, the soundlab!
the funny thing is that I tried to emulate with the synth this characteristic "purr" sound the cats made, but she wasn't impressed!:)

Anonymous said...

How much extra does it cost to keep the cats off of your customer's equipment? ;)

Anonymous said...


Cats: Heavy duty shower curtains- $5.00 ea

UPS: Much insurance. Because unlike cats who do no damage, the pros at UPS are talented destroyers.

People require more money than animals do as far as protection.

Anonymous said...

Pack it right and it won't get damaged.

Fountain of Filth said...

Synths are packed very well here.
Hell, we shipped a Polymoog all the way to Japan with no damage!

The few times we've had to file a UPS or Fed Ex claim, they've always admitted fault and paid the claim.