Monday, July 21, 2008


Last week, I did my first cleaning/rebushing job on a Minimoog keyboard in many, many moons.
I decided to take a picture of how I like like to set my work space up when I do this.

  1. Two trash bags spread out. One to keep the keybed on, and one to put the keys on while they're being cleaned

  2. Soft mallet to help remove stubborn keys from keybed

  3. Special tool for the springs

  4. Screwdriver for tightening key screws. (I actually used a 1/4, which is a size bigger than in this picture.)

  5. Old wire cutters for removing stubborn bushings

  6. Pliers, just in case

  7. iPod, for making work more enjoyable

  8. Cotton swabs, for various cleaning uses

  9. Glass cleaner, for cleaning the keytops

  10. Simple green, for cleaning the metal part of the keys

  11. Glass jar with lid for little dome thingies (I leave cleaning these up to my husband.)

  12. Bin to put springs in

  13. Old cotton t-shirt for cleaning keytops

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