Friday, August 29, 2008

10 Synth Myths

Feel free to add on to these in the comments. :)

10. If an Arp 2600 is grey, it must be a Meanie.
9. Arp Odysseys had Moog filters.
8. Arp 2500s use push pins.
7. Most problems are due to bad IC's.
6. Moog sued Arp and Roland over their filters.
5. Vintage synth restoration can be easily accomplished by the inexperienced.
4. Caig products fix bad pots and switch contacts.
3. There are mint vintage synths.
2. DCOs are analog.
1. Minimoogs have a lot of drift.


rick said...

how about 2600s, MS20s and Synthi AKs are modular.. shudder.. that one kills me.. even the synthi100 isn't really a modular since its an integrated system with a set configuration..

Javier said...

Myth 11: DCOs are digital.