Tuesday, November 11, 2008

De-Oxit BAD!!

Please, for the love Bob Moog, DO NOT USE DE-OXIT!
Do not use it in your Minimoog, Memorymoog, or anywhere else!!


My husband pointed out that he's posted about this subject on AH before. So I checked the archives:

Nov 1998
July 2000
July 2003
September 2003
September 2003 #2
September 2003 #3
September 2003 #4


Anonymous said...

Why not explain why you feel this way? Which deoxit was used? For what? Did the person who used it follow the manufacturers directions? Or did they use it incorrectly? Did you ever talk to Caig about this?

Fountain of Filth said...

I've never heard of stuff like DeOxit or Cramolin solving any problem long-term. It's a quick fix that causes a very icky gunky buildup over time.

Personally, I've seen what damage those substances do to Ody sliders. It's very disgusting, and very often ruins irreplaceable parts.

That better?

Anonymous said...

Well, it's a little better, but what do you recommend for cleaning pots instead?

Fountain of Filth said...

I don't clean pots. I leave that up to my husband, 'cause he knows what he's doing. :)

Caig didn't make their products for vintage synth restoration, so I'm not going to tell them how to make their product.

Anonymous said...

The point is you've left an important question unanswered. If you want people not to use Caig products, why don't you give them an alternative.

How about asking your husband what he uses and letting us know?

Has any manufacturer designed their products to be specifically for use with vintage synths?

Caig recommends using Deoxit sparingly and removing it out after it's done it's job. I'm sure most people don't follow that important second step. So who do you blame? The manufacturer or the idiot who doesn't follow instructions?