Monday, November 3, 2008

Minor ebay rant

Why would someone think I'd want to do business with him again if he's always been entitlement-minded, did not read an auction carefully, and was generally a pain in the neck to deal with?

Oh.... I think I know...his entitlement-mindedness is what makes him think I'm worthy of his business.


Anonymous said...

theres this stupid saying "the customer is always right" that some stupid customers believe true.

Fountain of Filth said...

Oddly enough, this guy's a business owner, so he should know better!

I mean, if you write me and immediately demand that I end an auction early and allow you to pick up the item while you're 70+ miles away fro me at a sci fi convention... you haven't started off as a reasonable person in my book.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I guess not. Could have been worse though!

Fountain of Filth said...

Oh, that story only *begins* there.

Idiots aside, eBay's made it much more of a drag to be a seller than it used to be.

I got a negative on eBay because I did not honor a request to lie on the customs form so the guy could avoid paying import taxes. No, really.

I used to be able to restrict my auctions to a list of pre-screened bidders. I miss that feature!

Anonymous said...

Ebay clearly does not deserve your business if they're not going to make it a favourable place to do business.