Monday, August 24, 2009

A World Without Bob

Last Friday marked the 4th anniversary of Bob Moog leaving Planet Earth.

I did a very small tribute to him... I toasted him with a friend when we were at a Steely Dan concert.

I'm proud to say I did meet the Esteemed Dr. Moog a couple times, and somewhere I have a picture of his signature on my first iPod. He signed that when he debuted the Voyager back in '02, the same year he earned a technical Grammy. (Refrained from laughing at the guy who brought his MG-1 to have it signed that night, btw.)

Two years before that, there was the AH party where I danced near Bob. Fun night, but a little bittersweet now because of what happened later that year when someone I had a great conversation with that night got butthurt over the Sage Hoax.

I do wish that idea to have 1 volt/octave known as a "Moog" had gone somewhere. That would have been cool.

So Dr. Moog, I hope you're enjoying the afterlife. You deserve it after the impact you made while on Earth.

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