Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting Jiggy with Synthfool #9: Minimoog MIDI to CV Interface Cable

From the eBay auction listing:

This cable plugs into the keyboard connector of a Minimoog D.
It provides CV and Gate directly into the Minimoog.
It makes the Mini think your external signals actually are the keyboard.
That means you still get the original Moog glide and working orange Keyboard Tracking switches on the filter too.

Works great with many MIDI to CV converters because it requires a positive-going gate (V Trig) and not Moog's special S-Trig.
My husband used it with his Kenton Pro-Solo MKII to test Minimoogs.
Can also be used to interface a modular synth or sequencer with a Minimoog.

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analog emotions said...

Great cable but where can I get it or is there a schematic for DIY ?

Thank you !

Cheers Analog Emotions