Monday, April 21, 2008

What a maroon!

I recently received some questions from an ebay member about the Polymoog we were selling.
He asked several technical questions, which were answered in personal emails by my husband. (He gets a LOT of requests to pick his brain on all things synth.) Nevermind that the answers to his questions were easily found on the web and well documented for almost 30 years!

However, when it came time to order anything, he had a problem with how we do business. We have our parts store terms set in stone. We have a minimum order fee, we don't lie on customs forms, and we don't like to sell rare parts for DIY purposes.

He then replied that he was a highly experienced designer and other egocentric claims.
Upon visiting his About Me page on Ebay though, we learned the truth.

You see, he bills himself as "... the world leaders in ANALOG SYNTHESISER design !!!"

Now has ANYBODY ever heard of him?
Probably not.
This is truly what's called "being a legend in your own mind."

So congrats, Mr. Ego Maniac, you're the latest name to hit my ebay blocked list.

I swear, the next blog entry will be MUCH nicer!!


rick said...

I live in Vancouver and know most of the synthnerds around these parts.. I've never heard of these guys!

Anonymous said...

Well, if Rick doesn't know them then they're obviously unimportant.

What was his problem with how you do business?

Fountain of Filth said...

His grand plan is to tap into some unknown power of a Polycom board. Interesting idea, but, again, we don't like to sell rare items for DIY projects, when there are tons of synths out there that can benefit from these parts.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your position. But on Ebay people expect to be able to buy whatever they want without conditions of use.